Surrealism Is What Will Be: Nelly Kaplan’s Myths of Revenge

  • Kristoffer NohedenEmail author


This chapter discusses how Nelly Kaplan’s feature films bring the surrealist search for a new myth into a new historical context as well as into a new film format. Kaplan is most well known as a pioneering feminist filmmaker, but this chapter shows that her films also contributed to the surrealist search for a new myth and a magical transformation of society. Kaplan made her feature film debut A Very Curious Girl at a time when several surrealists, including Ado Kyrou and Robert Benayoun, turned to feature filmmaking, under the influence of Luis Buñuel’s late films. Kaplan combines an appeal to popular genres with narratives about revenge against patriarchy in ways that resonate with surrealism’s new myth, but which also brings it into contact with feminism and eroticism.

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