Split-Gate Floating Poly SuperFlash® Memory Technology, Design, and Reliability

  • Nhan Do
  • Hieu Van Tran
  • Alex Kotov
  • Vipin TiwariEmail author
Part of the Integrated Circuits and Systems book series (ICIR)


Split-gate embedded flash memory technology has been around for a couple of decades and has become a de facto standard for embedded products such as microcontrollers and smart cards. The majority of the large microcontroller and smartcard chip-makers and a series of fabless companies are now using some form of a split-gate embedded flash-memory technology because of its advantages in power, performance, and cost compared with traditional EEPROM or stacked-gate solutions. This chapter covers the fundamentals of split-gate embedded flash memories with an emphasis on SST’s widely adopted SuperFlash® memory technology as an example to demonstrate the benefits of a split-gate embedded flash-memory technologies. The fundamentals of SuperFlash technology, design, reliability, and scalability are discussed in detail in various sections, which would provide a detailed understanding of a split-gate, embedded flash-memory technology.


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