Regional & Climatic and Genetic & Physiological Determinants of Lawmaking Activities

  • Vitalii A. PonomarenkovEmail author
  • Pavel A. Paulov
  • Anna V. Sidorova
  • Lilia G. Sayfulova
  • Igor V. Ovod
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Topicality . Topicality of the studied problem is determined by the necessity for accounting of climatic, physiological, and other socio-determining factors of population’s living during lawmaking activities.

The purpose of the paper is to view socio-determining essence (regional & climatic and genetic & physiological) of factors that determine the directions of lawmaking activities.

Methodological basis of the work consists of cognitive, systemic & determining methodological approach that requires the use of a complex of general scientific, particular scientific, and special methods of research.

The article views peculiarities of regional & climatic and genetic & physiological features of the country’s population and proves the necessity for their accounting of lawmaking and law-enforcement activities.

Practical significance. The materials of the paper pose practical value for researchers, lawmakers, and law enforcers.


Regional & climatic conditions Genetic & physiological peculiarities Lawmaking Law enforcement 


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  • Vitalii A. Ponomarenkov
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    Email author
  • Pavel A. Paulov
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  • Anna V. Sidorova
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  • Lilia G. Sayfulova
    • 1
  • Igor V. Ovod
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  1. 1.Samara State University of EconomicsSamaraRussia

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