Issues of Instituting Administrative Action Against Legal Entities as Subjects of Entrepreneurial Activities

  • Ekaterina N. ChurakovaEmail author
  • Galina E. Ageeva
  • Andrey V. Loshkarev
  • Elmira K. Gubaydullina
  • Olga N. Kolesova
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Study of the issues related to problems of instituting administrative action against legal entities hasn’t lost its topicality. Law enforcement activities of the subjects of administrative jurisdiction, including judges, each day face substantial gaps and collisions in the law that regulates the order of instituting action against a legal entity and applying administrative enforcement. The article views peculiarities of administrative responsibility of a legal entity. First of all, they are related to peculiarities of construction of a legal entity—as a subject of legal relations. Special attention is paid to the following: firstly, analysis of approaches to the notion of guilt of a legal entity, which formed in the science of administrative law and legal practice, as a basis of instituting action against it; secondly, the issue of parallel regulation of the order of instituting administrative action against a legal entity for homogeneous offences by various federal legal acts. The article offers measures for reformation of separate norms of law, aimed at regulation of the above problems.


Administrative responsibility Guilt Offence Legal entity Legal responsibility 


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  • Galina E. Ageeva
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  • Andrey V. Loshkarev
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  • Elmira K. Gubaydullina
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  • Olga N. Kolesova
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