Establishment of the Institute of Audit as an Element of Market Relations and Object of Legal Regulation

  • Viktoria V. BolgovaEmail author
  • Aleksey V. Dashin
  • Natalya V. Deltsova
  • Evgenia V. Medentseva
  • Svetlana V. Startseva
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Topicality of the studied problem is pre-determined by the purpose of formation of Russian law on audit activities, oriented at international standards of audit; at that, the issue of the extent to which national peculiarities of establishment of the audit institute in Russia allow for its realization remains open. The purpose of the paper is to determine and open general tendencies and peculiarities in establishment and development of the audit institute in Russia and a range of foreign countries. The leading approaches to study of this problem are historical and legal and comparative and legal, which allow for complex study of the process of formation of the institute of audit as an element of market relations and object of legal regulation. Results: the article presents historical stages of establishment of the institute of audit in some European countries and Russia, opens general tendencies and peculiarities of its formation, determines socio-economic preconditions of appearances of the institute of audit as an element of market relations and object of legal regulation. The materials of the paper pose practical significance for specialists in the sphere of audit and jurisprudence, persons who conduct scientific research in the sphere of legal regulation of audit activities, and persons who conduct legislative activities.


Audit Audit activities Market relations Corporate management Standards of audit activities 


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  • Aleksey V. Dashin
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  • Natalya V. Deltsova
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  • Evgenia V. Medentseva
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  • Svetlana V. Startseva
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