Issues of Effectiveness of Communal Service in View of Variability of Apartment Blocks Management System

  • Elena S. KryukovaEmail author
  • Iurii S. Povarov
  • Evgenia V. Ruzanova
  • Valentina D. Ruzanova
  • Nikolai G. Frolovskii
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The article views the important issues of provision and payment for communal services in view of peculiarities of specific ways of apartment blocks management. Topicality of the studied problems is pre-determined by urgent necessity for formation in Russia of transparent and clear legal system of communal servicing in interconnection with the way of management applied in a particular apartment block, which ensures a real possibility for efficient control over provision of communal services. The purpose of the article is to determine the main direction of improvement of existing mechanism of provision and payment for communal services in view of variability of the system of management of apartment blocks on the basis of determination and analysis of this mechanism’s drawbacks. The main approaches to study of this problem are dialectic, systemic, and inter-sectorial, which allow for complex consideration of apartment blocks management method’s pre-determining the mechanism of payment for communal services. Results: the paper provides the characteristics of ways of management of apartment blocks, determines peculiarities of provision of communal services with multi-level model of apartment blocks management, determines the role of apartment block council as an element of the control system for proper provision of communal services, and determines the directions of protection of consumers’ rights. The paper poses practical value for specialists of various profiles that work in the sphere of communal servicing, scientists that perform analysis of legal and economic aspects of housing and utilities infrastructure functioning, and persons involved with legislative activities.


Communal services Apartment blocks management Managing organization Association of apartment owners Resource providing organization 


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  • Iurii S. Povarov
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  • Evgenia V. Ruzanova
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  • Valentina D. Ruzanova
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  • Nikolai G. Frolovskii
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