Erratum to: Professionalism in Practice

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  • Sally Brown
  • Linda Graham

Erratum to: K. Sambell et al., Professionalism in Practice,

The original version of the book was inadvertently published with the following errors, which have been now corrected:

In Chapter  4,
  1. (a)

    Caption of Fig. 4.1 has been changed with the new content.

  2. (b)

    In Page 104, the italicized terms “SaP approaches is typified by” have been changed to Roman.

  3. (c)

    In Page 108, the spacing error in the reference “(Meyerand Land 2006)” has been changed to read as “(Meyer and Land 2006)”.

  4. (d)

    In Page 110, the spell error in the text “Teachers of the Say” has been changed to read as “Teachers of the Day”.

  5. (e)

    In Page 114, the text “A Diamond Nine task (see below)” has been changed as “A Diamond Nine task (see above)”.

  6. (f)

    In Page 114, the text “Fig 4.1” has been removed from the sentence “This activity helped the group to set the agenda for follow-up work on the project (Fig. 4.1).” and has been inserted in the Page No. 114 which should read as “A Diamond Nine task (see Fig 4.1 above) is a constrained choice exercise where participants are required to order by importance nine factors of statements,…”.


In Chapter  5, placements of Figs. 5.3 and 5.4 have been changed.

In Chapter  7, Page 244, grey box, the phrase “opportunities to watch” at the starting of the sentence has been removed and the sentence should start as “A well-regarded Dean of Science…”.

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  2. 2.Emerita Professor, Leeds Beckett University and Independent consultantNewcastleUK
  3. 3.Department of Social Work, Education and Community WellbeingNorthumbria UniversityNewcastleUK

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