Single Image Super-Resolution Reconstruction Based on Edge-Preserving with External and Internal Gradient Prior Knowledge

  • Ruxin Wang
  • Congying HanEmail author
  • Mingqiang Li
  • Tiande Guo
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10116)


Single image super-resolution (SISR) reconstruction is currently a very fundamental and significant task in image processing. Instead of upscaling the image in spatial domain, we propose a novel SISR method based on edge preserving integrating the external gradient priors by deep learning method (auto-encoder network) and internal gradient priors using non-local total variation (NLTV). The gradient domain effectively reflects the high frequency details and edge information of nature image to some extent. The joint perspective exploits the complementary advantages of external and internal gradient prior knowledge for reconstructing the HR image. The experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach over several state-of-art SISR methods.


Convolutional Neural Network Gradient Domain Image Processing Problem Internal Gradient Patch Pair 
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The authors would like to sincerely thank J. C. Yang, L. He, R. Timofte and C. Dong et al. for sharing the source codes of the ScSR, BP-JDL, NE+NNLS, NE+LLE, ANR and SRCNN methods. This work was funded by the Chinese National Natural Science Foundation (11331012, 71271204, 11571014).


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  • Congying Han
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  • Mingqiang Li
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  • Tiande Guo
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