A Capstone Experience in Information Technology

  • William H. ThomasEmail author
  • Loren K. Rhodes
  • Gerald W. Kruse


Innovations for Industry (I4I) at Juniata College is a culminating experience for third and fourth year Information Technology (IT) bachelor degree students consisting of four courses totaling 12 credit hours. The course sequence provides students with project management techniques, and opportunities for significant group work on developing and implementing technology solutions in industries. This chapter discusses the origins of this capstone experience, how it was developed, how it is evolving, and the department’s assessment of its outcomes for the students and Information Technology program. Juniata’s I4I sequence, with a focus on the culminating experience for seniors, was presented at the 2010 Capstone Design Conference (Thomas and Kruse in A capstone course sequence in information technology. Proceedings of the capstone design conference 2010, 2010). This chapter is a continuation of that work.


Information technology Education Computing education Project management Capstone experience Interdisciplinary 


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