The Territory of Money and Fragmentation

  • Milton Santos (Deceased)
Part of the Pioneers in Arts, Humanities, Science, Engineering, Practice book series (PAHSEP, volume 12)


In the world of globalization, geographic space gains new contours, characteristics, definitions, and also a new importance, since the efficacy of actions is intimately related to their localization. The most powerful actors reserve the best pieces of territory for themselves and leave the rest to the others. In a situation of extreme competitiveness such as the one in which we live, places exacerbate the clashes between various actors, and the territory as a whole reveals the movements of the background of society. With the prominence of technical systems and information, globalization subverts the ancient game of territorial evolution and imposes new logics.


Geographic Space Local Society European Economic Community Global Accounting Territorial Evolution 
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  • Milton Santos (Deceased)
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