A Perverse Globalization

  • Milton Santos (Deceased)
Part of the Pioneers in Arts, Humanities, Science, Engineering, Practice book series (PAHSEP, volume 12)


The last years of the twentieth century witnessed great changes all across the face of the Earth. The world became unified by virtue of the new technical conditions that served as solid foundations for worldwide human action. However, this action imposes itself upon the greater part of humanity as a perverse globalization. Let us consider in the first place the emergence of a double tyranny, that of money and that of information, which are intimately correlated. Together, both provide the bases of the ideological system that legitimates the most characteristic actions of this epoch. At the same time, this double tyranny looks to conform social and interpersonal relations to a new ethos, thus influencing people’s characters. The competitiveness suggested by production and consumption is the source of new totalitarianisms that are more easily accepted due to the installation of a confusion of spirits. The production, at the very basis of the social life, of a structural violence has similar origins, which can be easily recognized in the states’, companies’, and individuals’ forms of action. Systemic perversity is one of its corollaries.


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