A Calculus of Cyber-Physical Systems

  • Ruggero LanotteEmail author
  • Massimo Merro
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10168)


We propose a hybrid process calculus for modelling and reasoning on cyber-physical systems (CPSs). The dynamics of the calculus is expressed in terms of a labelled transition system in the SOS style of Plotkin. This is used to define a bisimulation-based behavioural semantics which support compositional reasonings. Finally, we prove run-time properties and system equalities for a non-trivial case study.


Process calculus Cyber-physical system Semantics 



We thank Riccardo Muradore for providing us with simulations in MATLAB of our case study. We thank the anonymous reviewers for valuable comments.


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  1. 1.Dipartimento di Scienza e Alta TecnologiaUniversità dell’InsubriaComoItaly
  2. 2.Dipartimento di InformaticaUniversità degli Studi di VeronaVeronaItaly

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