A Model of an Organization—How Do the Subconscious Mind and the Conscious Mind of an Organization Work?

  • Werner LeodolterEmail author


As a basis for the design considerations of the subconscious mind of organizations and its interfaces to the conscious mind, a model of an organization is developed—starting from the individual employee, and the individual organizational units, to their interaction in an organization as a whole, supplemented by connecting elements such as working groups, project groups, etc. These elements are embedded and interconnected in the infrastructure of the organization and its internal information and knowledge sources. On the other hand, they are also—increasingly through new technologies—in many ways tied to the spheres of the customers and stakeholders, to the sphere of the market and the competitors and to the sphere of external sources of knowledge and information. The structures are self-similar and cascading in the respective level of the organization. This model of an organization with a focus on its subconscious mind is elaborated and explained with vivid practical scenarios and stories and (in chap. 5) with guidelines in order to provide a metaphoric framework and model of thought for mastering the digital transformation in the respective organization.


Model of organization Organizational units Cascading subconscious minds Infrastructure Interconnectedness Organizational framework Decision making 


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