Raindrop Detection on a Windshield Based on Edge Ratio

  • Junki Ishizuka
  • Kazunori OnoguchiEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10163)


This paper proposes the method for detecting raindrops with various shapes on a windshield from an in-vehicle monocular camera. Since raindrops on a windshield gives various bad influence to video-based automobile applications, for example obstacle detection and lane estimation, a driving safety support system or an automatic driving vehicle needs to understand the state of the raindrop which adheres on a windshield. Previous works are considered on isolated spherical raindrops, but raindrops on a windshield show various shapes, such as a band-like shape. The proposed method can detect raindrops regardless of the shape. In the daytime, the difference of the blur between the surrounding areas are checked for raindrop detection. The ratio of the edge strength extracted from two kinds of smoothed images is used as the degree of the blur. At night, bright areas in which the intensity does not change so much are detected as raindrops.


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