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FOrtomuch (right highe and mightie Prince) as both this our diuine Prophet S. Iohn, intreating here mott tpeciallie of the dettruction of the Antichrittian teate, citie and kingdome, doth direct the execution of that great worke of Gods Iuttice and iutt iudgement to the Kings of the earth: as alto the whole Prophets of al ages, haue for the mott part, directed al their admonitions generally to Kings, princes and gouernors, to the effect that they (as Headsmen) being by holy admonitions forewarned, might (according thereto) holde all the whole body of their commoun wealth in good order: for certaine it is, that the heade being well affected, will of neceßitie minittrat health and wholtome humors to the whole body.


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