Night World Identity Affirmations

  • Adam Crowley


Crowley considers gamer identity and its relationship to representations of wealth in videogames. Drawing from McKenzie Wark, Ian Bogost, and Nick Dyer-Witheford and Grieg de Peuter, Crowley posits that Frye’s conception of the hero in the underworld has special bearing on the player’s act of play in titles from the period of the Global Great Recession. Highlighting the significance of surreal and mysterious wealth in such tales to the final affirmation of the hero’s identity, Crowley examines the relevance of player inventory systems to the concluding moments of BioShock and Mass Effect—both of which underscore the illusion of player choice at the same moment they affirm the hero’s identity.


McKenzie Wark Ian Bogost Nick Dyer-Witheford Grieg de Peuter BioShock Mass Effect 


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