Literary Theory for Gamers

  • Adam Crowley


Crowley presents a rationale for investigating videogames as literature. Attending to Thomas Piketty’s arguments on the roles of wealth in literature, Crowley draws attention to an intersection of Piketty’s claims with literary critic Northrup Frye’s commentary on fairy tales and sentimental romance. As well as addressing a rationale for valuing videogames as literature, Crowley posits that the videogame form itself has special meaning for what Frye identifies as fundamental themes in sentimental romance: the themes of ascent and descent. “Literary Theory for Gamers” concludes with an application of the chapter’s central propositions to one of the earliest videogames, Spacewar!.


Thomas Piketty Joan Shelley Rubin Northrop Frye Sentimental romance Spacewar! Videogames 

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  • Adam Crowley
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