Nanopackaging in Food and Electronics

  • Nabeel AhmadEmail author
  • Sharad Bhatnagar
  • Shyam Dhar Dubey
  • Ritika Saxena
  • Shweta Sharma
  • Rajiv Dutta
Part of the Sustainable Agriculture Reviews book series (SARV, volume 24)


Nanoscience has induced a profound revolution in all industrial domains, notably in the food and electronic industries. The food industry has constantly augment the quality, shelf life, safety and traceability of products. This has led to development of nanomaterials for food packaging and nanosensors to detect contaminations. Nanomaterials are to develop ‘improved’, ‘active’ and ‘intelligent food packaging. Nanomaterials have also been conjugated with biobased polymers to develop environmentally friendly nanocomposites. This article review nanopackaging of food with emphasis on carbon nanotubes, nanosensors, nanowires, nanolaminates, nanocomposites, nanocrystals, biobased fillers for nanocomposite, and antimicrobial nanoparticles.


Nanotechnology Food packaging Electronic packaging Nanocomposites Carbon nanotubes 


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