A Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment: First CMC Joint Articular Fractures

  • Didier FontèsEmail author


Combat sports have number situations at risk for the thumb column.

Thus, judo, boxing, karate, or other collective combat sports such as rugby or American football can frequently involve the basal joint.

Their injury diagnosis often appealed to a 3D CT scan exploration, and except for the few non-displaced fractures, surgery is often indicated.

Many techniques have been proposed for the classic Bennett’s dislocation-fractures or Rolando articular fractures.

We present an innovative minimally invasive technique combining osteosynthesis (depending on Gedda’s classification) and an arthroscopic control guaranteeing an anatomical reduction and the management of frequent associated lesions to decrease the risk of chondral degradation and improve the functional result particularly important for a high-level sportsman.


Combat sports Bennett’s fracture Basal joint arthroscopy 


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