Grip Injuries in Judo: Flexor Tendon Avulsion

  • Eduardo Pereira
  • Laura Filippini Lorimier Fernandes
  • Luciano Pereira


Judo is a martial art and an Olympic sport combining standing and ground fighting and basically consists of grabbing and throwing the opponent on the floor [1]. Nowadays, judo ranks among the most popular martial arts in the world with an estimated 20 million fighters affiliated to the International Judo Federation [2, 3]. An injury data from the Olympics of 2008 and 2012 revealed an average injury risk (the number of injured athletes divided by the number of athletes at risk [4]) of 11.2–12.3% [5, 6].


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  • Eduardo Pereira
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  • Laura Filippini Lorimier Fernandes
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  • Luciano Pereira
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  1. 1.Hand Surgery Specialist/Orthopedic SurgeonHospital Albert EinsteinSão PauloBrazil
  2. 2.Orthopedic SurgeonHospital Albert EinsteinSão PauloBrazil

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