Hand and Wrist Injuries in Aikido

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Consistently with the spirit of positivity that distinguishes it, Aikido is practicing trying to avoid any injury to people with whom you train. The techniques that are being studied have always been the final outcome of the projection of the partner through a displacement or immobilization on the ground. In both cases, levers on joints are applied for the control of the other. The levers are performed with control and moderation and can have a beneficial effect by stretching the muscles and mobilizing the joints, but if they are applied abruptly they are potentially devastating, easily causing fractures, severe tendon-ligament injuries, and muscle damage. Normally, during the activity, trauma is rare because the spirit is that of collaboration. In this chapter we examine one by one the various situations of the practice in which the injuries to fingers, hand and wrist can occur.



I thank my wife Giovanna for the collaboration and correction. For the photos I thank my faithful students: Andrea B., Filippo I., Elia B., Giada V., Valeria P., Andrea G., Michele R.

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