Parametric System Identification of Resonant Nonlinear Micro/Nanosystems

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The parametric system identification of macroscale resonators operating in a nonlinear response regime can be a challenging research problem, but at the micro- and nanoscales, experimental constraints add additional complexities. For example, due to the small and noisy signals micro/nanoresonators produce, a lock-in amplifier is commonly used to characterize the amplitude and phase response of the system. While the lock-in enables detection, it prohibits the use of established methods which rely upon time-domain measurements. As such, the only methods that can be used for parametric system identification are those based on fitting experimental data to an approximate solution of a reduced-order model. This work summarizes a much longer effort (Sabater and Rhoads in Mech Syst Signal Process 2016, [13]) that proposes that the parametric system identification of micro/nanosystem operating in a nonlinear response regime can be treated as the amalgamation of four coupled sub-problems. The theoretical foundations of these coupled sub-problems are discussed. To provide context, an electromagnetically-transduced microresonator is used as an example.


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