An Introduction to Gas Accretion onto Galaxies

  • Mary E. PutmanEmail author
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 430)


Evidence for gas accretion onto galaxies can be found throughout the universe. In this chapter, I summarize the direct and indirect signatures of this process and discuss the primary sources. The evidence for gas accretion includes the star formation rates and metallicities of galaxies, the evolution of the cold gas content of the universe with time, numerous indirect indicators for individual galaxies, and a few direct detections of inflow. The primary sources of gas accretion are the intergalactic medium, satellite gas, and feedback material. There is support for each of these sources from observations and simulations, but the methods with which the fuel ultimately settles in to form stars remain murky.


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I thank J. Xavier Prochaska for his help making Fig. 1 pretty, Marcel Neeleman for sharing his data, Yong Zheng for providing the M33 figure, Jim Putman for useful plotting advice, Dan and Elaine Putman for daycare support, and NSF support from grants AST-1410800 and AST-1312888. Thanks to the University of Colorado for hosting me while I wrote this article, in particular conversations with Ben Oppenheimer and Julie Comerford.


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