The Continual Pursuit of Love

  • David Strong
Part of the The New Middle Ages book series (TNMA)


In this final chapter, Will learns that only love can navigate him safely through Need’s demands. The wisdom and/or folly of the lessons imparted reveal a newly integrated understanding of what constitutes love. The import of Will’s cognitive search lies not so much in defining the intellect’s or charity’s bounds, but in the movement between them. While the natural tendency of reason is to divide and distinguish, Will must prioritize his ability to enact that knowledge founded upon love. Kynde’s pronouncement that Will should learn to love emphasizes the fact that charity perfects the human mode of cognition. As the foundation of Christian faith, charity transforms secular crafts and vocations into spiritually worthy pursuits. His journey both affirms the constructive capabilities of the intellect and yet denies the intellect’s ability to grasp divine truths absolutely and to attain final stability. As the dynamic interaction between the intellect and the will is continually moving, it both explains and validates the inconclusive ending of Will’s search for truth.


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