Warren as a Case Study

  • Anirban Adhya


This is an empirical study of Warren as a case of Midwestern first suburb. The research questions—addressing physical, cultural, economic, and political challenges of a shrinking first suburb—form the basis of research design. The salient features are (1) examining problems of shrinkage in the City of Warren, (2) focusing on the existing assets in Warren, (3) understanding current efforts of existing institutions in Warren to address shrinkage, and (4) applying multiple data collection tactics (literature review, interviews, and mapping) focusing on different stakeholders. The findings are then analyzed and discussed specifically for Warren and generalized in the context of shrinking first suburbs. Specifically, the research design uses data from multiple resources at multiple levels of Warren, Macomb County, and SEMCOG.


Warren, MI Case study Empirical research Downtown development authority Macomb county Detroit non-motorized plan 


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  • Anirban Adhya
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  1. 1.Architecture and DesignLawrence Technological UniversitySouthfieldUSA

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