The Workers and the World: Terni Steel in the Age of Globalization

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Younger generations brought a different attitude to industrial work. It was a less homogeneous generation (“a universe of many colors, many odors, many flavors”), more educated, more interested in personal relationships and football than in politics (or in football fandom as a substitute passion for disappointing politics), with a different work ethic. Terni is no longer isolated in its mountain basin, but part of a German multinational (protest is also expressed in anti-German stereotypes: Nazism, football rivalries, and so on). But workers are also aware of Terni’s position in the worldwide steel market, of the fact that they are now in competition with China or Mexico. Multinational ThyssenKrupp (TK) is ubiquitous: the chapter includes interviews with workers in TK factories in India and Brazil and the story of TK projects in the United States.

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