On-line Visualization and Long-Term Monitoring of a Single-Phase Photovoltaic Generator Using SCADA

  • Oswaldo Lopez-SantosEmail author
  • Jhon S. Arango-Buitrago
  • David F. González-Morales
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 657)


This paper describes the design and implementation of a Supervisory, Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) system dedicated to realize on-line visualization and long-term monitoring of the performance of a single-phase single-module photovoltaic grid-connected installation. The main objective of this development is to ensure continuous monitoring of the efficiency and relevant power quality indicators of a two-stage microinverter providing a comprehensive treatment of the electrical variables. The system consists of a software component developed in LabVIEW and a hardware component including specialized sensors and analogue electronics. Both components communicate synchronously through an acquisition card, which enhances visualization and accuracy of computations. The mathematical expressions employed to obtain variables and indicators are listed, explained and verified by means of simulated results.


SCADA Photovoltaic generators Two-stage microinverter Grid-connected installation Power quality 



This work has been developed with the partial support of the Gobernación del Tolima under Convenio de cooperación 1026 - 2013 - Scientific Culture Project. The results presented in this paper have been obtained with the assistance of students from the Research Hotbed on Power Electronic Conversion (SICEP), Research Group D+TEC, Universidad de Ibagué, Ibagué-Colombia.


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  • Oswaldo Lopez-Santos
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    Email author
  • Jhon S. Arango-Buitrago
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  • David F. González-Morales
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  1. 1.Program of Electronics EngineeringUniversidad de IbaguéIbaguéColombia

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