Effects of Using Multimodal Transport over the Logistics Performance of the Food Chain of Uchuva

  • Javier Arturo Orjuela-CastroEmail author
  • David Andrés Sepulveda-Garcia
  • Ivan Danilo Ospina-Contreras
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 657)


One of the most exported fruit from Colombia to Europe has been Uchuva, given its exotic character, taste and nutritional content [1]. Due to the importance of this product for Colombian exports of fruits and the latest trends in transport, this research studies the impact of using multimodal transport over the logistics performance food supply of Uchuva using the system dynamics approach. The model was built in Ithink, and it provides a configuration of the Colombian fruit supply chain, considering aspects such perishability of the fruit, logistics and environment. The indicators studied are: transportation costs, total time of transport, losses of food due transport and inventory, and CO2 emissions caused by the transport mode.


Multimodal transport Fruit perishable food supply chain Uchuva Dynamic system model 


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