Virtualization Techniques: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Lyes BoualiEmail author
  • Emad Abd-Elrahman
  • Hossam Afifi
  • Samia Bouzefrane
  • Mehammed Daoui
Conference paper
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The gap between the deployment costs for the new services, apps and hosting machines with the expected revenue forces the operators to think in the virtualization concept although the heterogeneity in virtualization techniques solutions. While this virtualization architecture came with different challenges like instances isolation in the hardware or software layers, it anticipated many opportunities for fast deployment and resources management. This position paper lists the main challenges starting from tenants’ isolation and hardware trusting for virtualization layer till the software and network mapping issues for virtual instances communication under the softwarization techniques. Moreover, it sums up the directions for this research point in terms of the vision of software and hardware.


Virtualization VM Containers TPM SDN NFV 


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  • Mehammed Daoui
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  3. 3.RST DepartmentInstitute Mines-TelecomSaclayFrance

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