A Modular Secure Framework Based on SDMN for Mobile Core Cloud

  • Karim ZkikEmail author
  • Tarik Tachihante
  • Ghizlane Orhanou
  • Said El Hajji
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During these last few years, mobile data traffic has been strongly growing while the voice traffic decreases (fixed and mobile), This new reality pushes operators to invest in a new next generation of mobile network (Mobile Cloud Computing, 5G) to enhance their competitivity and provide more innovative marketing products and services to the end user. But they were facing a major obstacle: the computer networks management is too complex and difficult. The research community proposes Software Defined Mobile Networks (SDMNs) as a solution to provide more flexibility and to ease the management of the next-generation mobile networks especially Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC). This new solution offers a huge advantage to the mobile operators and enables innovation through network programmability. SDMN provides several benefits including, network and service customized, improved operations and better performance, but there are some security issues that need to be taken care of. This paper describes the emergence of SDMN as an important new networking technology, discusses the different problems related to security issue. We propose a framework to secure the different levels in SDMN architecture with an implementation of our framework. A simulation has been done of some main threats such as DDoS attack and malware infection.


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  • Karim Zkik
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    Email author
  • Tarik Tachihante
    • 1
  • Ghizlane Orhanou
    • 1
  • Said El Hajji
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  1. 1.Laboratory of Mathematics, Computing and Applications, Faculty of SciencesUniversity of Mohammed V in RabatRabatMorocco

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