System-Level Experiments and Results

  • Gürkan YılmazEmail author
  • Catherine Dehollain
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This chapter presents the system-level integration of the proposed wireless power transfer and data communication system for the intracranial neural recording system. In the previous chapters, design and implementation of all the subblocks have been explained in detail. This chapter mainly focuses on the issues encountered during the integration and corresponding solutions while giving extensive experimental results. Experimental results include various combinations of functional blocks, namely wireless power transfer link, uplink communication, and data communication. Furthermore, it is worth nothing that the system has been experimentally tested in air, in vitro in a solution that mimics the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), and in vivo on the cortex of a rat. More explicitly, the system has been completely characterized in air and in vitro ; however, only the power management circuits have been employed for initial in vivo experiments.


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