Design, Construction and Analysis of Model Dataset for Indian Road Network and Performing Classification to Estimate Accuracy of Different Classifier with Its Comparison Summary Evaluation

  • Suwarna GothaneEmail author
  • M. V. Sarode
  • K. Srujan Raju
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Road network consist of various problems. Pothole, crack and patches are the common problems of road network. Various manual and automated solutions have been proposed by the expertise in the previous work. To overcome the problem we have came here with a novel solution approach to identify road quality. Identification of maintenance severity level and providing repair solution is done using WEKA tool 3.7. This paper presents comparison summary of classification approach and estimated which algorithm gives efficient accuracy for classification. In this paper we have obtained highest accuracy of classification 98.84 % by Support Vector Machine (SMO Function).


Pothole Patches Road Cracks Classification algorithm Accuracy 


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    Email author
  • M. V. Sarode
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  • K. Srujan Raju
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  2. 2.Jagadambha College of Engineering and TechnologyYavatmalIndia

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