George Walker Bush and the International Outreach

  • Thomas H. Henriksen
Part of the American Foreign Policy in the 21st Century book series (AMP21C)


Henriksen narrates Bush junior’s robust policy of interventionism. He led an invasion and occupation in Afghanistan after the 9/11 terrorism. Bush preceded his attacks with the Authorization to Use Military Force from the US Congress and a series of diplomatic approaches to countries surrounding Afghanistan for airbases as well as for NATO allies. He befriended Iran, Pakistan, and Russia, despite having scrapped the 1972 ABM treaty which angered Moscow. The unconventional Afghan invasion won a quick victory but left the Bush administration unprepared for nation-building efforts. Bush’s approach to terrorism also encompassed a planetary-wide Global War on Terrorism with hubs in the Philippines and the Horn of Africa, plus the Middle East. Bush started the drone assassination campaign against terrorists.


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