George H.W. Bush: Interventionism Unbound

  • Thomas H. Henriksen
Part of the American Foreign Policy in the 21st Century book series (AMP21C)


The author states that the Persian Gulf War defines Bush’s presidency in an engagement cycle. Saddam Hussein’s invasion into Kuwait forced Bush to mount an impressive multinational diplomatic and military coalition against Iraq. The Desert Storm operation went well with the use of Nintendo-type arms. Complying with the United Nations resolutions, Washington ejected Hussein’s army; it did not invade Iraq or topple its dictator. Bush let stand a large US military presence in the Gulf, set up no-fly zones in Iraq, and regularly bombed ground targets. He left the United States a major player in the Middle East. Before departing office, Bush intervened into Somalia for humanitarian reasons to feed a destitute population. But he refused to be drawn into the bleeding Balkan wars.


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