Efficient Television ratings system with Commercial Feedback Applications

  • T. S. AswinEmail author
  • Kartik Mittal
  • Shriram K. Vasudevan
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Everyone would have noticed several inconsistencies in TV ratings, with many popular programmes going off the air due to lack of sponsors, or certain shows getting undue patronage. Due to the absence of a uniform and transparent TV ratings system, several flaws exist in current rating systems, and they are open to manipulation. The purpose of our innovative invention is to mainly relay data to TV stations of what shows, programmes are watched by whom precisely without any chance for manipulation (with a responsibility of safeguarding one’s private information and biometric data). Details of name or location are not asked, for sake of user’s anonymity (a security perspective). The proposed system is aimed at eliminating shortcomings of currently used ratings systems in the world that are bogged down by issues of transparency, insufficient data, and statistical approximation. Data pertaining to user (age and gender alone) and viewed statistics (shows, time viewed) is transmitted to the cable station, for purposes of ‘feedback’ i.e., showing vital statistics of the individual and the programme watched. This system will undoubtedly be one of the most reliable sources of feedback, compared to the existing systems [4].


TRP (Target Rating Point) system Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) Television Viewership in Thousands (TVT) system Viewership statistics Viewership transparency TV programme rating system 


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