Enhancement of Dental Digital X-Ray Images based On the Image Quality

  • Hema P. MenonEmail author
  • B. Rajeshwari
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 530)


Medical Image Enhancement has made revolution in medical field, in improving the image quality helping doctors in their analysis. Among the various modalities available, the Digital X-rays have been extensively utilized in the medical world of imaging, especially in Dentistry, as it is reliable and affordable. The output scan pictures are examined by practitioners for scrutiny and clarification of tiny setbacks. A technology which is automated with the help of computers to examine the X-Ray images would be of great help to practitioners in their diagnosis. Enhancing the visual quality of the image becomes the prerequisite for such an automation process. The image quality being a subjective measure, the choice of the methods used for enhancement depends on the image under concern and the related application. This work aims at developing a system that automates the process of image enhancement using methods like Histogram Equalization(HE), Gamma Correction(GC),and Log Transform(LT). The decision of the enhancement parameters and the method used is chosen, with the help of the image statistics (like mean, variance, and standard deviation). This proposed system also ranks the algorithms in the order of their visual quality and thus the best possible enhanced output image can be used for further processing. Such an approach would give the practitioners flexibility in choosing the enhanced output of their choice.


Image Enhancement Dental Images X-Ray Images Log Transform Histogram Equalization Gamma Correction and Entropy 


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