Efficient Context-Aware Nested Complex Event Processing over RFID Streams

  • Shanglian PengEmail author
  • Jia He
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With large scale of utilization of monitoring devices such as RFID, sensors and mobile phones, events are generated in a high-speed fashion. Decisions should be made in real time during business processes. Complex Event Processing (CEP) has become increasingly important for tracking and monitoring anomalies and trends in event streams. Nested event detection of RFID event stream is one of the most import class of queries. Current optimization of nested RFID event detection mainly considers caching intermediate results to reduce re-computation of similar results for nested subexpression. In this paper, we use context information of an RFID scenario to optimize nested event detection. We formalize context of an RFID scenario as spatial and temporal constraints and transform these constraints into rules over a nested NFA. Further, we present rewriting context rules to optimize nested event query plan. Experimental results show that with context information introduced, response time had been reduced greatly compared with counterpart methods.


Context aware Complex event processing Nested pattern NFA Data stream RFID 


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