A Multi-haem Flavoenzyme as a Solar Conversion Catalyst

  • Andreas S. J. L. BachmeierEmail author
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The enzyme flavocytochrome c 3 (fcc3), which catalyses hydrogenation across a C=C double bond (fumarate to succinate), is used to carry out the fuel-forming reaction in an artificial photosynthetic system. When immobilised on dye-sensitised TiO2 nanoparticles, fcc3 catalyses visible-light-driven succinate production in aqueous suspension. Solar-to-chemical conversion using neutral water as the oxidant is achieved with a photoelectrochemical cell comprising an fcc3-modified indium tin oxide cathode linked to a BiVO4 photoanode coated with a cobalt phosphate surface electrocatalyst. The results reinforce new directions in the area of artificial photosynthesis, in particular for solar-energy-driven synthesis of organic chemicals and commodities, moving away from simple fuels as target molecules.


TiO2 Nanoparticles Water Oxidation External Bias Photoelectrochemical Cell Artificial Photosynthesis 
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