Selective Visible-Light-Driven CO2 Reduction on a p-Type Dye-Sensitised NiO Photocathode

  • Andreas S. J. L. BachmeierEmail author
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Building on the principles of protein film electrochemistry on semiconductor electrodes established in Chap.  4, a photocathode assembly for the visible-light-driven, selective reduction of CO2 to CO at potentials below the thermodynamic equilibrium in the dark is presented in this chapter. The photoelectrode comprises a porous p-type semiconducting NiO electrode modified with the visible-light responsive organic dye P1 and CODH as reversible CO2 cycling enzyme. The direct electrochemistry of the enzymatic electrocatalyst on NiO shows that in the dark the electrocatalytic behaviour is rectified towards CO oxidation, with the reactivity being governed by the carrier availability on the semiconductor/catalyst interface.


Hole Injection Semiconductor Electrode Artificial Photosynthesis Geminate Recombination Photocurrent Enhancement 
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