Flight Mode Concept and Realisation

  • Igor Schagaev
  • Brian Robinson Kirk


The principle of active system control (ASC) can and should be applied at the elemental and modular levels of design of a system, as well as at the whole system level of design. This chapter presents an application of ASC for flight mode determination using currently available flight data and the state of an aircraft (based on previous states of flight). Using a dependency matrix structure with analysis of flight data, we present a rigorous model of flight mode detection. We also illustrate how the flight mode system works by providing examples of the program modules required.


Flight mode Flight mode detector Flight data Aircraft system Dependency matrix Active system control (ASC) 



Dr. Felix Friedrich, Dr. Florian Negele and Dr. Thomas Kaegi [all from ETH (Zurich)] and Dr. Brian Kirk (from Robinson Systems Engineering Ltd. and ITACS Ltd.) were involved in the development of flight mode algorithms, as well as system architecture and design required to implement the ASC concept in the general aviation aircraft application domain.

Engineer Alex Schagaev (IT-ACS LTD) developed and tested various flight scenarios to detect conditions of flight mode changes and verified fight mode changes using two diverse flight simulators—the X-plane and Microsoft’s Flight Simulator in preparation for field trials using a general aviation aircraft. This enabled us to improve our understanding of previously unknown conditions for flight mode change and to refine and improve the flight mode model.

We sincerely appreciate the help of our colleagues and friends and offer our heartfelt thanks.


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