Upside Risk Factors to the Inflation Outlook and Long-Term Inflation Expectations

  • Eliphas Ndou
  • Nombulelo Gumata


This chapter explores the information content of long-term inflation expectations inferred from break-even inflation rates and the policy implications thereof. Evidence established that actual and counterfactual long-term inflation expectations are “poorly” anchored. Evidence reveals there is pass-through from positive long-term inflation expectation shock to headline CPI inflation. Long-term inflation expectations propagate the adverse inflation shocks into the real economy. Periods of heightened inflationary pressures result in elevated long-term inflation expectations. In policy terms, this suggests policy makers should adopt a policy stance that aims to break down such adverse reinforcing tendencies.


Exchange Rate Monetary Policy Euro Area Commodity Price Inflation Expectation 
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  • Eliphas Ndou
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  • Nombulelo Gumata
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