On the History of Differential-Algebraic Equations

A Retrospective with Personal Side Trips
Part of the Differential-Algebraic Equations Forum book series (DAEF)


The present article takes an off-the-wall approach to the history of Differential-Algebraic Equations and uses personal side trips and memories of conferences, workshops, and summer schools to highlight some of the milestones in the field. Emphasis is in particular placed on the application fields that set the ball rolling and on the development of numerical methods.


Differential-algebraic equations Historical remarks Index notions BDF methods Runge–Kutta methods Partial differential-algebraic equations Constrained mechanical system Electric circuit analysis 

Mathematics Subject Classification (2010):

34A09 65L80 65M20 01-02 34-03 



Over the years, I have had the privilege to meet so many colleagues working in the field of differential-algebraic equations. Our discussions and the stories that were told are an integral part of this survey article, and I would like to thank them all for their invisible but highly acknowledged contribution. It was my academic teacher Peter Rentrop who gave me the chance to do a PhD in this exciting field and who made my participation at various conferences and summer schools possible during the Boom Days. I am more than grateful for his inspiration and support.

Moreover, I wish to sincerely thank all my master and PhD students who worked in this or related fields for their collaboration, their effort, and their patience. Special thanks, finally, goes to Ernst Hairer who read an early version of this manuscript, and to Achim Ilchmann who always encouraged me to continue with this effort.


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