Breast Reconstructive Surgery

  • Yash J. AvashiaEmail author
  • Amir Tahernia
  • Detlev Erdmann
  • Michael R. Zenn


Breast reconstruction is an integral aspect of breast cancer management. The goal for breast reconstruction is to rebuild an identical and possibly symmetrical breast mound after mastectomy. Breast reconstruction can be at the time of mastectomy or as a delayed procedure. Options for reconstruction include prosthetic implants, autologous tissue, or both. Implant reconstruction is a relatively simple and effective method of breast reconstruction, but may not be suitable for all patients, particularly those who need or have had radiation therapy. Autologous methods in contrast are more surgically demanding, but they consistently yield better esthetic results than implant reconstruction, particularly when combined with skin-sparing mastectomy. Recent advances in implant design and microvascular techniques have furthered the cosmetic outcome, operative recovery, operative morbidity, and the overall expected outcomes. Breast reconstruction continues to remain a safe and effective option for restoring body image with minimum morbidity and lifetime benefit.


Tissue expansion Silicone gel implant Saline implant Autologous breast reconstruction Nipple-sparing mastectomy Skin-sparing mastectomy Radiation therapy 


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