Energy Management in the Smart Grids via Intelligent Storage Systems

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The increased power demand and the renewable energy integration problems have led to the evolution of the traditional electric power grid toward smart grid. In order to permit the interaction among computational and physical elements, the smart grid supports bidirectional information flows between the energy user and the utility grid by integrating Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Thus, bidirectional flows between smart grid entities allow energy users not only to consume energy, but also to generate energy and to share it with the utility grid or with other energy consumers. Some researchers have paid attention to the energy management in the smart grids in order to provide an efficient way to maximize the savings of energy bills. However, these researches present some common drawbacks such as: the lack of integration of storage system and the high energy losses. Therefore, this chapter discusses a novel agent-based approach for energy management and control by balancing electric power supply, and minimizing energy bill, while considering residential consumers preferences and comfort level. Simulation results show that our proposal minimizes the energy costs for each energy demand and reduces conventional energy utilization.


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This work is supported by grants from the Troyes University of Technology and the Lebanese University and is partly supported by the Champagne-Ardenne region research project SOLOTEC and the Lebanese-French research project CEDRE Number 32928XK.


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