Grandparents’ Sense of Home: “Money Cannot Buy the Heart”

爷爷奶奶的心事: 钱财难买真情
  • Shijing Xu
Part of the Intercultural Reciprocal Learning in Chinese and Western Education book series (IRLCWE)


Family stories were recounted from Chinese grandparents’ perspectives with Julian’s grandma, a retired elementary school teacher from Guangdong (Canton), China, as the main character in this chapter. Her family story represents the stories of many other grandparents at the Parent Centre in the school over a period of three years. Important characters in the family stories are Julian, Julian’s little brother Allen, Julian’s parents, and two grandfathers. The stories reveal perceived differences between China and Canada in terms of learning, schooling, child discipline, and childcare; their self and family values in a Confucian tradition; and Chinese grandparents’ sacrifice and contribution to the harmony and growth of the family and society.

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  • Shijing Xu
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