Depth Map Based Facade Abstraction from Noisy Multi-View Stereo Point Clouds

  • Andreas LeyEmail author
  • Olaf Hellwich
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Multi-View Stereo offers an affordable and flexible method for the acquisition of 3D point clouds. However, these point clouds are prone to errors and missing regions. In addition, an abstraction in the form of a simple mesh capturing the essence of the surface is usually preferred over the raw point cloud measurement. We present a fully automatic pipeline that computes such a mesh from the noisy point cloud of a building facade. We leverage prior work on casting the computation of a 2.5D depth map as a labeling problem and show that this formulation has great potential as an intermediate representation in the context of building facade reconstruction.


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This paper was supported by a grant (HE 2459/21-1) from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).

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