External Fixator Use in Femur Diaphysis Fractures

  • Mehmet ÇakmakEmail author
  • Melih Cıvan


Although it is the strongest bone in the human body, fractures of the femur diaphysis are not rare. The strongest muscles are located around this bone. These muscles may cause prominent displacements depending on the location of the fracture. It has a thick cortical bone and less in cancellous bone. Therefore, reunion takes long time.

Although femur diaphysis has a long and straight medullary cavity that is suitable for intramedullar nailing, Ilizarov external fixator (IEF) can also be used in all femur fractures. It is not common in today’s practice. But we would like to explain this technique as a secret weapon for a trauma surgeon. In some cases Ilizarov’s methods can be lifesaving. The horizontal cross sections are more important than sagittal and frontal cross sections because osteosynthesis with Ilizarov is a type of transosseous osteosynthesis method. In this chapter femoral cross sections and circular external fixator used in femur diaphysis fractures will be explained.


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