Homometry and the Phase Retrieval Problem

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This chapter studies in depth the notion of homometry, i.e. having identical internal shape, as seen from Fourier space, where homometry can be seen at a glance by the size (or magnitude) of the Fourier coefficients. Finding homometric distributions is then a question of choosing the phases of these coefficients, hence this problem is often called phase retrieval in the literature. Such a choice of phases is summed up in the objects called spectral units, which connect homometric sets together. I included the original proof of the one difficult theorem of this book (Theorem 2.10), which non-mathematicians are quite welcome to skip. Some generalisations of the hexachord theorem are given, followed by the few easy results on higher-order homometry which deserve some room in this book because they rely heavily on DFT machinery. An original method for phase-retrieval with singular distributions (the difficult case) is also given. Some knowledge of basic linear algebra may help in this chapter.


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