Simon Foucher’s Academic Scepticism: Between Truth and Probability

  • Joël BoudreaultEmail author
  • Sébastien Charles
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In this paper, we try to determine what Academism meant to the moderns and how it was taken up in dealing with ethical questions. To answer this point, we have found it necessary to take a close look at the figure of Simon Foucher, who is regarded as the best representative of seventeenth-century Academism and whose philosophical works were intended to demonstrate Academism’s epistemological usefulness and highlight its ethical significance. From this perspective, it appears to us useful, after briefly reviewing Foucher’s rereading of Academic philosophy, to see whether this rereading assigns a specific place to Carneades and Carneadean probabilism and what role Foucher gives Carneades within his own interpretive schema, in particular in the sphere of moral philosophy in a century when the foundations of moral philosophy constituted one of the questions of the hour. As we argue in conclusion, the teachings of Academic sceptics engage the moderns on the road leading to the universality of Kantian duty, which testifies to the changes that scepticism underwent in the Classical period and the need to speak of scepticisms rather than scepticism.


Apraxia Assent Cartesianism Conscience Dualism Evidence Ideas Intellectual integrity Moral certainty Moral relativity Platonism Prejudice Probabilism Sense perception 


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