Prosperity in the EEA



The EEA Agreement has worked well for the EEA/EFTA States and their citizens for more than 24 years, providing stability, peace and prosperity. The European internal market is underpinned by a belief that keeping markets fair, level and open is good for our economies and societies and allows people to prosper. The concept of prosperity must be seen as covering more than economic growth and development; it also includes efforts to ensure the constant improvement of the living and working conditions of the peoples living within the EEA. Prosperity should thus be measured not only in purely financial terms, but also in the social welfare of its citizens, including the protection of its workers and the environment. Particularly in times of political, social and technological change, the EEA Agreement will need to keep up with the times through a dynamic and flexible application to be capable of safeguarding and further promoting our prosperity also for future generations.


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